Getting ready

We are really excited! The past few days everybody has been busy getting ready for our trip to London: thinking about what to pack, suggesting things to do and sights to see, marvelling at the London Underground map, wondering whether to buy an adaptor or share one with a classmate and so on and so forth.

We´ve come a long way since we started talking about going to London more than a year ago. Read all about our preparations below.
There´s more to come when we leave Finland on 9th May. 

Stay tuned!

Money matters...

Our class ordered 20 boxes of chocolates from Sponssiboxi. They were rather expensive. The chocolates expired before we managed to sell them all and Miss Lyytinen had no other choice but to give them to us. Luckily only two boxes expired and we managed to raise 1200 euros.

We bought tons of eggs from a local farmer and sold them outside the shops near our school. Many pupils and parents took eggs home and sold them to friends and family.

I've taken part in a couple of caterings. Last year we made sandwiches for the Model United Nations. And we sold coffee and snacks at a volleyball tournament in Hämeenkoski.

We have been busy raising money for more than a year now. All in all, we have managed to raise 5019 euros. Not bad if you ask me! Häme-Matkat booked flights for us (thanks Arjaliisa!) and one of the parents suggested accomodation at the London Finnish Church. This advice turned out to be worth its weight in gold. We only pay some 40 euros per person per night, breakfast included, which is very reasonable indeed.
Miss Lyytinen

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