Day 4

Day 4

Day 4 started when we went to Oxdord street. First we all girls went to Nike Town, Few of us bought some nike shoes and shirts. Then we went to different directions and after that we went to look some clothes with partner. We were able to have lunch but everybody couldn't eat because they were busy. Three hours later class met in the Hyde park.

After London eye it was quite late and everybody was hungry. We desided to eat but we couldn't agree where to eat. Boys wanted fish and chips but girls wanted something else. Finally we desided that boys can eat fish and chips and girls went to an Italian restaurant with Janne. The food was tasty.

Josefiina and Elmiira

When we had checked British Museum, we went to the London Dungeon. There we had a tour. We had many guides whom told us some stories and facts about British history. The tour was exciting, interesting and little bit scary. It was little bit scary because there were some guys scaring us. The dungeon tour bringed together a wonderful cast of theatrical actors, special effects, stages, scenes and rides in a walkthroug experience that we saw, heard and felt. The London Dungeon is one of the capital's must-see sightseen so that's why we went there. It was so amazing place. It had been done very cleverly and well.
Elli and Reetta

Very expensive Lotus formula team shop in Oxford street. Veikko

Piccadilly Circus

British Museum

Photos from the London Eye:

Big Ben and the Parliament building

The River Thames

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