Day 2

Day 2

The morning of the 2nd day
In the morning we woke up at around 8 and then we went downstairs to eat our brekfast for breakfast there was cereal fruits bread coffee and some drinks and there was cheese ham and cucumber then when everyone had eaten we went upstairs to get the stuff we needed because it was raining we needed jackets and some other things and then we heade down stairs and left. We walked to the metrostation and we bough Oystercards.Then we got on to the metro and went to the Shakespears Globe.
Elias and Rori

We bought Oyster cards so that we could move around in London easily. The Oyster card is smart travel card. First we topped them up with 20 pounds but it wasn't enough so we had to top up twice. When you go to underground you have to be careful when you touch in and touch out.

Josefiina and Elmiira

Shakespeare's Globe
First we went to Shakespeare's Globe. It's the complex housing a reconstruction of the Globe Theatre, an Elizabethan playhouse in the London Borough of Southwark. It was built in 1599.
The teachers sepparated us into two groups. The tour was very interesting and we learned a lot of information about Shakespeare. The first group went to the museum and the other one went to the theater. In few moments later the first group went to the theater and the other group went to the museum.
The guide told us some information about the history of the theater and also some facts about Shakespeare, of course. We liked it very much. We're going to do a little play about Shakespeare in the school ending party and we're really excited!
Elli and Reetta


After Shakespeare Globe we tried to find a good restaurant. We found  Porky's bbq and we decided that was good. Almost everybody ate hamburgers and they were really tasty!  Waiter was very friendly and we gave some tips for him.

Annu and Julia

Photos from  Tate Modern, which we visited after lunch. Everybody wrote about their favourite piece of art.
Miss L

Art and English
On day 2 we visited Tate Modern, more precisely level 4. The pupils' assignment was to take a picture of a piece of art that they found fascinating and give reasons for choosing that particular work of art.
Miss L

My favorite piece of art was the Tower of Babel, made by Cildo Meireles. This was a tower of radios. It was interesting because it had been done very cleverly.

My favourite thing was the piles of poo or whatever they represented. It was because they were the most less strange thing in that museum. I guess modern art is not really my thing. 

- Veikko

My favorite piece of art was this beautiful structure, but I didn't remember the name of that or name of the artist. It was beautiful because it was creative and colorful. Reetta

What caught my eye  was the very first room on Level 4. It was dedicated to the Guerrilla Girls, a group of female artists fighting discrimination against women with humour. The  "school report card" depicts the way female artists and their works are often belittled.

The yellow picture criticizes the fact that it's  much more difficult for female artists to have their works displayed at major museums. Miss L

My favorite piece of art was this piece of painting painted on pieces of cardboard.
Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture about it's name or creator.

In the evening we went to do our shopping at the Europe's largest shopping centre. It was called Westfield. When people tell that the place is large they're not kidding, it's huge. The place was like three stories tall and there were lots of shops. We were given about 3 hours to do our shopping but somehow it felt like we would've needed some more.
Niko and Jussi
Here's a picture of one of the shops' signs.

We were planning on going to sauna on Tuesday, but we didn't have time as everyone wanted to go shopping. Instead, we decided to go to the sauna on Wednesday.

Vilho and Mikael

In the evening we all worked on our blog. The internet here isn't that great but we manage somehow. Adding pictures was causing problems ....

We are the only guests staying here but the Finnish Church in London has its regular clubs and activities running at the same time.Vili found some new friends from Pallerokerho.

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