Day 1

Day 1

Greetings from London!

Day 1 started quite early. Our parents dropped us to airport. We were at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport by 6 am. First at there we checked in our luggages. After that we went to security check. And then we went eating some breakfast. Some of us ate at Starbucks and the rest of us at Nordic kitchen. After that we went shopping some treats and bottle water. Then it was already time to go to the airplane. We learned how to be more indepentend at the airport.

Josefiina and Elmiira

After arriving to London we went to get our luggage and we bought some train tickets for all of us and then we took the train to the London Bridge. After that we had to switch to another tracks where we could get ourselves to near of our place. Everybody were so hungry do we dropped our stuff to the motel and we began searching to the closest pub. We found great one and soon everybody had done their orders and waited the food to come fill their stomaches. Meanwhile me, Vili, Rori and Elias had found a slot machine with full of cold cash to win and soon everybody had tried their luck. Some time later we got our burgers and they were delicious.
Veikko and Vili

Today we ate our lunch at the local pub. We ate hamburgers which were really good. Inbetween the hamburger were tomatoes, bacon, steak, cheese, onions and salad. With the hamburger we got some french fries which were crispy and tasty. One meal costed £9.45 but two meals costed £13.95 so when you ordered with someone you saved money about £3.
Katariina ja Riina

The 4 persons boys' room
We arrived at the Finnish church, and decided our beds and where we keep our luggage. And when we came back from walking around London and shopping we already had made a mess.
 Jussi and Niko

On day 1, we visited the Imperial War Museum. It was very interesting to read about the history of wars and to see things from different time-periods. There also was an exhibit about the holocaust, which no one except Janne visited. The museum was very exciting and it had great exhibits. The world war 2 stuff was pretty interesting. There also was a special exhibit, which no one probably visited. All in all, it was a great place to visit and we would recommend it to anyone.
Mikael and Vilho

We got a lot of information about the 1st and 2nd World War. We learned new ways to ask questions in english.
Written by whom?

After Imperial War Museum we went shopping to mall. Everybody called it Tuulonen because it was small and near to our home.  First all girls went to the makeup store. 
Everyone bought many cheap makeup and hair products like dry shampoo. After that, we found really nice shop full of beautiful clothes but only few of us bought clothes. Everybody were hungry and we bought some food from the groceries.


Annu and Julia

At the The Finnish church in London we were given our keys to the rooms.In our room there were Elias,Rori,Vili,Veikko and Janne.The rooms were nice and the bed was ok. After we had settled in we hedid off to the pub to grab something to eat. 
Elias and Rori

We have always love music. Music is a big part of our lives. Without any instruments we wouldn't know what to do in free time. Fortunately, there were a piano and two guitars. When we had free time, we went to play them of course. We had a video about us playing piano and singing but it got deleted.
Elli and Reetta

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